The Pros Go Hunting at X-Factor

Above: Adam McGill crossing the finish line winning the Pro Challenge.

Round 7 of IXCR’s 2017 season was hosted by X-Factor Whitetails in Peru, Indiana. Situated on 3200 acres, X-Factor Whitetails opened its doors to the off road racing world with the inaugural GNCC X-Factor event this year. Owner Russ Bellar and his staff showcased their property with friendly conversation and the sightings of several record book whitetail deer. Brooks & Dunn and Brantley Gilbert are a few of the celebrities that have hunted at X-Factor. If you are interested in more information about X-Factor, or interested in booking the hunt of a lifetime, visit Below are a few of the deer we saw. (We also fed and petted some thanks to Tony, a ranch hand at X-Factor.)






This event was IXCR’s Pro Challenge. Competing pros are moved from the front row to the back row of the starting line. Then they attempt to come from the back to win 1st place overall. The standard purse is $600.00. IXCR added an extra $1000.00, and X-Factor Whitetails matched IXCR with another $1000.00 to make the winning purse $2600.00 each for ATVs and Bikes.

Adam McGill’s Gold

Last year, ATV pros were unable to take the top spot while bike pro Jordan Ashburn was successful in winning the Pro Challenge. This year had a different ending. As you can imagine, the increased purse draws more attention and brings in more pros looking for a payday. Pro ATV rider Adam McGill, made a side wager with IXCR that if he won the challenge IXCR would have to put him on IXCR’s plaques the rest of the year, but if he lost he owed IXCR $100.00 in gold coins.

The ATV race got underway and it appeared that 4×4 ATV rider Kevin Cunningham might be the spoiler for the pros. Kevin rides a Can-Am 4×4 ATV faster than an auctioneer can talk. Josh Merritt and Austin Abney along with Adam McGill would have to fight through hundreds of other racers and hope to catch a glimpse of Kevin. In an epic showdown, Adam finally caught and passed Kevin on the final lap after almost 2 hours of intense racing. Adam put an exclamation point on the Pro Challenge for the ATV crowd this year.

Austin Lee after making the pass for 1st place.

The Bike race wasn’t any less exciting. Austin Lee, Chris Bach, Levi Keller and Cody Barnes battled through countless riders while trying to rundown A Open riders Luke Chillman, Adam Froman, Daniel Sims and Rick Burton who distanced themselves from the pack. On the second to last lap Austin Lee made the pass that put him in the top spot and he never looked back.

It was an exciting weekend with great racing. Ex-Indianapolis Colts kicker, Hunter Smith, and his band played Saturday night.



Round 8 (Mission Impossible) will be August 12-13 at Attica, Indiana.

IXCR Round 7 Results

Youth Bike Overall

  1. Tommy Fortune
  2. Austin Hopkins
  3. Lucas Grounds

Youth ATV Overall

  1. Daulton Keyes
  2. Ethan Meyer
  3. Bryce Bowen

Adult Bike Overall

  1. Austin Lee
  2. Chris Bach
  3. Levi Keller

Adult ATV Overall

  1. Adam McGill
  2. Josh Merritt
  3. Austin Abney

SxS Overall

  1. Bruce Barnjum
  2. Cohl Secoy
  3. Drew Eckels

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