MidwestXC Wraps up 2015 with a Bang-quet

January 9th,  the Indiana based regional series MidwestXC held their annual “Celebration of Champions” to honor the dedicated XC racers who qualified for class and overall placement awards.  In attendance Saturday night were around 700 die-hard racers and families paying homage to their favorite rider.  Also in attendance were a few of the featured sponsors who took the opportunity to thank the attendees for their patronage, and talk about special rider support programs for the coming season.

2015 MidwestXC Banquet
Banquet Trophies

A reporter from “The Paper” (a local newspaper and website) took notes, and followed a touching story about a female peewee class champion named Brianna Allison, who dedicated her championship, and presented an award to a neighbor who is a breast cancer survivor.   Brianna wanted to share her time in the light with this friend, and did so with class.  It’s nice to see XC parents teaching kids at such a young age to be generous, and thoughtful for those enduring struggles.

The MidwestXC rewards dedicated racers with their 2 drop class and 0 drop overall system, huge vendor presence at every race, great food availability, fresh locations, and an accommodating schedule, allowing racers to race multiple series for points.  The series also collects food donations at the gate, every single race to give to the town they are racing in.  This helps promote the series, as well as the sport, making local governments more aware of them, and also promotes cross country racing as a sport that gives back to communities, instead of just making noise while buying gas and ice.

The daily schedule, riders meeting, and starting procedure attempt to mimic the GNCC national events in order to prep racers for the nationals when they come to town.  Indiana has been one of the leading states in the country to produce GNCC championship caliber racers, which must be due to the myriad of regional race series, and off road riding areas.

Mike Brinkley

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