Highlights-IXCR RD 10 The John Vincent

If you missed racing at IXCR this past weekend, you missed a lot of excitement. IXCR’s round 10, The John Vincent, was in Cross Plains, IN. Saturday was a beautiful day for the ATV and SxS races and according to many racers, the dirt was prime and the terrain was perfect for some competitive racing. Which is exactly what it was, Austin Abney and Adam McGill once again battled the entire race and kept spectators on the edge of their seats while they waited for the battle to return to the open sections. McGill finished on top with Abney a close second and Jonathon Fugate finishing off the podium.

The SxS race was just as exciting, with Chaney coming off of the start mid pack and battling his way up to a first place finish. Jason Wofford and Nathan Whiteaker accompanying Chaney up on the podium to wrap up racing for Saturday.

Adam McGill battling Austin Abney for the lead.

But, the fun didn’t stop there! Mark Nichols from Fuel Ministry offered a sermon with a free meal to everyone. A costume contest followed for all ages and a special track cast was held Saturday evening. Everyone anxiously awaited the track cast to find out the latest news. It appears that IXCR is going to align with GNCC in the way that each race day is scheduled, along with some rule changes for the 2018 season. More information can be found at IXCR.com.

On Sunday the youth, intermediate and peewee got their races in with some gusty winds and cloudy conditions. It looked liked the sun was going to make its debut when the adults began their race. But, shortly after lap 2 began, the rain came down. The rain didn’t stop many riders, even though it made the terrain slick and treacherous. Racers continued to trudge through and push themselves to the end. The end of the season is important to most racers due to points chases, so they kept pushing even when the rain tore at their motivation. Austin Lee and Ricky Russell gave everyone a show as they battled the entire 2 hours for that top spot. Russell ended the day on top, with Lee in second and Barnes third.


Round 11 (Rock Run) will be November 4-5 in Rockville, Indiana.

IXCR Round 10 Results

Youth Bike Overall

  1. Tommy Fortune
  2. Austin Hopkins
  3. Jayson Crawford

Youth ATV Overall

  1. Daulton Keyes
  2. Bryce Bowen
  3. Bryce Husband

Adult Bike Overall

  1. Ricky Russell
  2. Austin Lee
  3. Cody Barnes

Adult ATV Overall

  1. Adam McGill
  2. Austin Abney
  3. Jonathon Fugate

SxS Overall

  1. Kyle Chaney
  2. Jason Wofford
  3. Nathan Whiteaker

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