Highlights-IXCR RD 9 Hunt Club XC

This past weekend IXCR hosted Round 9 Hunt Club XC in Madison, Indiana. Most racers enjoy this track for its wide open sections where they can gain some ground on their competitors. With that being said, this track also had its fair share of obstacles. There were roots, creeks, plenty of off cambers, steep down hills, and even a waterfall to traverse. The waterfall was the pitfall for a few racers who exited the track with flat tires. But, those with bibs or those lucky enough to avoid a flat were able to push through and enjoy the remainder of the track. The overall leaders made it look easy as usual, finishing on top was Adam McGill and Austin Lee.

Austin Lee headed towards victory









Round 10 (The John Vincent) will be October 14-15 in Cross Plains, Indiana.

IXCR Round 9 Results

Youth Bike Overall

  1. Tommy Fortune
  2. Austin Hopkins
  3. Jack Joy

Youth ATV Overall

  1. Daulton Keyes
  2. Ethan Meyer
  3. Bryce Bowen

Adult Bike Overall

  1. Austin Lee
  2. Levi Keller
  3. Luke Chilman

Adult ATV Overall

  1. Adam McGill
  2. Austin Abney
  3. Cole Setser

SxS Overall

  1. Kyle Chaney
  2. John Barnes
  3. Bruce Barnjum

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