Highlights-IXCR RD 8 Mission Impossible

IXCR hosted another successful event at Round 8 Mission Impossible in Attica, Indiana. Once again this track did not disappoint.  Riders experienced elevation changes, off cambers, creeks and rocks as they raced to the checkered flag. This property does however have its fair share of challenges. The pro hills are always a place for spectators to enjoy some action along with the metal bridges. The enduro section saw quite a few wrecks and excitement rose as riders tried to jump the tires and muster their way through the log section. The track was dry and powdery causing a massive dust storm that created a whole new challenge. But, it didn’t slow down Trevor Bolinger or Austin Abney who took home the overall wins.

A shot of the dust riders dealt with.









Round 9 (Hunt Club XC) will be September 16-17 at Madison, Indiana.

IXCR Round 8 Results

Youth Bike Overall

  1. Tommy Fortune
  2. Lucas Grounds
  3. Jayson Crawford

Youth ATV Overall

  1. Bryce Bowen
  2. Daulton Keyes
  3. Ethan Meyer

Adult Bike Overall

  1. Trevor Bolinger
  2. Austin Lee
  3. Levi Keller

Adult ATV Overall

  1. Austin Abney
  2. Jacob Wischmeier
  3. Austin Gourley

SxS Overall

  1. Drew Moore
  2. Bruce Barnjum
  3. Eric Palomaki

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