Highlights-IXCR RD 11 Rock Run

And that’s a wrap on the season for IXCR! This past weekend will probably go down in the history books as one of the muddiest season finales. Saturday was cool and cloudy but the dirt was prime for the quads and SxS racers. Austin Abney once again proved that he has what it takes, wrapping up the season with a first place finish. Drew Moore and Matthew Blankenship rounded out the podium for the ATV race.

Racing wrapped up on Saturday evening with the SxS race. Reece Nutter came to win and that’s exactly what he did. Jason Dehart finished in second and Nathan Whiteaker in third.

But, as always, the fun didn’t stop with racing. Mark Nichols from Fuel Ministry offered a sermon and a free chili dinner to anyone that wanted to attend. A power wheel race followed to allow the younger children to get their fill of racing. The evening wrapped up with a massive bon fire for all to enjoy.

If you didn’t come to the track on Friday or Saturday, you missed out. This property is absolutely beautiful in the fall, from the valleys that lead to big hills with the beautiful trees above and even an awesome tunnel that is part of the track. Saturday night brought what many feared it would, thunderstorms.

Many woke up to find lots of mud for the youth racers. The youth traversed this mud with fierce determination and many finished. Kudos to the little ones that kept pushing to the end. That in itself was a success and a win!

As the pros were ready for the flag to fly, mother nature unleashed a downpour. As the race progressed, the raining slowed but the damage was done. The track was impassable for many, leaving them to one lap or a DNF to finish the season. But, it didn’t seem to bother Austin Lee much, I don’t believe he let off of the throttle the entire race. He charged to the finish to wrap up his championship. Zach Love and Luke Chilman stood on atop the podium with Austin Lee to put a ribbon on the season.


Awards Banquet will be February 3rd in Lawrenceburg, Indiana.

IXCR Round 11 Results

Youth Bike Overall

  1. Jack Joy
  2. Austin Hopkins
  3. Kenton Coleman

Youth ATV Overall

  1. Ethan Meyer
  2. Sam Kouns
  3. Alexis Keyes

Adult Bike Overall

  1. Austin Lee
  2. Zach Love
  3. Luke Chilman

Adult ATV Overall

  1. Austin Abney
  2. Drew Moore
  3. Matthew Blankenship

SxS Overall

  1. Reece Nutter
  2. Jason Dehart
  3. Nathan Whiteaker

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