Never Give Up Award

As the race season draws near, most announcements have already been made. Not the case for Crossroads Racing Series. They continue to find ways to give back to the racers supporting them. This time with the Never Give Up award.

Never Give Up Award To Continue For 2018


Crossroads Racing Series and Dirt Sports Parts & Service are proud to announce that the Never Give Up Award will continue in 2018. “We are very happy and fortunate to be able to team up with Paul Sipes, Owner of Dirt Sports Parts & Service,” says Mike Dezsi, Owner of Crossroads Racing Series.

The Never Give Up Award is designed to bring attention to riders that have worked hard and overcome hardship in order to complete an event. Each recipient will receive an award from Dirt Sports and a Free Race Pass from Crossroads. Recipients will be selected from the Pee Wee and Youth races at each Crossroads event.

“This is the type of perseverance and dedication we want to see. You don’t always win, but it’s how you play the game that counts at the end of the day” says Monica Dezsi, Owner of Crossroads Racing Series.

Dirt Sportz owner Paul Sipes had this to say about the award. “This award means a little more to our racing family then probably most families. As my kids are still in peewee classes racing, and just starting out. Last year was our first full year racing with the kids. My oldest son started out the season really rough. He really struggled with the terrain at some of the races. About the 2nd or 3rd race, he finished last in race and really struggled to even finish the race at all. When he finally did finish, he was upset and dead set of never racing again. He was not having fun at that time, and he received the Never Give Up Award that race. The award sponsor gave him the award and his words were, now you have to race next race because we are paying for it. It totally turned his attitude around that day. He continued to race thru the season, and by the end of season, he couldn’t wait till the next race.  To us, for an award like the Never Give Up Award to be so powerful to youth and peewee classes is amazing. The Never Give Up Award helps feed the future of racing. That is why I wanted to make sure that this award was kept alive.  As anyone who has a business knows, an opportunity to sponsor anything is big. Especially as a newer business. Advertising is huge in this business. I really look forward to the upcoming race season, and helping all the little guys and girls. Feeding the future of racing through this award and my business.”




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