Jim Sorrels-The Locals Guys #49

Jim Sorrels #17

Age: 60

Class: 50A (60+ if offered)

Bike: Yamaha YZ250FX

Series: Crossroads Racing Series & Southern Indiana Grand Prix Series


Jim Sorrels has been racing longer than most readers of this feature have been alive. Don’t get me wrong, he can beat most readers of this feature too. Jim uses not only his natural talent, but the support of his family and friends to keep himself at the top of his game. Learn more about the man they call “Biscuit” in this weeks Local Guys.



How did you get your start in racing?

Riding with my uncles when I was a kid. So since then, everything I do turns into a race!!!


What was your first bike?

Mini trail 50, then a 70 , then sl100 Honda


When was your first sanctioned race?

Can’t remember for sure, but either Mid South or Yellowbanks 100 Enduro! It was in the 70’s.


Racing in the 70’s, would you say that it was harder then or harder now?

Harder then!! The suspension is what makes it so much better now!!


Do you think that the races were better back then?

More single track back then, which is better for bikes. Where now, they are laid out to run 4 wheelers on the same trail as bikes. And now it’s scored electronically, back then we ran between barrels and were scored by hand.


So as the sport has progressed, what have you done to make sure you were competitive?

Eat healthy, stay fit, good suspension on bike and seat time!!


Do you have a series that you like to race more than the others?

I like Steve Ezell’s course layouts for MSXC the best. He’s old school woods guy. But I like racing in northern Indiana’s soil.


What keeps you racing? What motivates you?

The competition. I just love to race!! Hanging with friends, and meeting new ones at the races and bragging on how much better my brand of bike is than their’s!!! Lol!!!


Well, your friends told me to ask you about your nickname, Biscuit. How did that come about?

Started as Spacebiscuit! Lol. My wilder days!! Worked in mines for 30 yrs, and it just turned to biscuit.


You mentioned earlier that your brand is better. What brand will you be on this race season?

Yamaha! Do they make any other brands!?!? Lol!!


I am a Yamaha guy too. 2 stroke or 4 stroke?



Have you been watching SX?

Yes, great race last night, great track!


Absolutely. I feel really bad for Roczen. Who is your pick for the 2018 championship?

Anderson, I like his style!


To keep us talking XC. Do you have a pick for the XC1 title this year?

Anyone but Kailub Russell!!!


I really like racing. Any racing really. If you could race anything besides a dirt bike, what would it be?

If I had the skill to do it would be motogp! Love to watch it!


Before we rap this up, who would you like to give a shout out to for helping you?

My brother, and the Hinkles for pushing for me to be on Yamaha. Obermeyer Yamaha. Keith really helps me out, and Estes Motosport .


Also, because I almost forgot. I want to ask you about the support your family gives you, especially your daughters? Something Kent Moore said to ask.

Big Kent Moore (the pace setter) pushes me and my wife and 3 kids, Stephani, Jesse, and Kelsey, support my racing 100%. They try to attend when they can. Kelsey has been my camping buddy at Ironman every year! I feel sorry for the whole bunch when I get too old to race!! They will all have there hands full!!!! Lol!!


That is awesome. Anything you would like to add?

Well, I just hope everyone that races still likes to race as much as I do when they reach 60!


We all need to hope that at 60 years old, we are enjoying this sport as much as Jim. We look forward to catching up with Jim later in the year to see how he is doing.


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