Doug Wallace-The Local Guys #45

Doug Wallace #447

Age: 43

Bike: Yamaha YZF450

Class: D22+

Series: Midwest XC


In only 2 seasons, Doug Wallace has seen the good and bad of XC racing. If you see him around the track, one thing will become clear quick, he never stops having fun. When asked why he chose  racing, he simply replies, “EXCITEMENT.” XCRN was able to talk to Doug about his accomplishments so far as he tries to climb the ranks with the Midwest Cross Country Series.


Doug, tell us what made you choose ATVs and XC as your racing endeavour?


A couple friends talked me into trying it. Got addicted after my first race. Honestly, a quad seemed a little safer for an old guy to start on.


How did the first race go?


Crashed hard. It tore up the front end of the quad. I fixed it, sold it and got one that was setup right. I was hooked the second the green flag came up.


When was that first race?


My first race was March 6th, 2016.


So, you race, you wreck, decide to continue to race, and get a new ride. How did you decide which races to run?


When I decided to try XC racing, I picked MWXC and I wanted to race every race they had. The way I was raised, if you start something, you do it all the way. No giving up if things don’t go your way.


After racing with MWXC in 2016 and 2017, how do you feel like you have progressed? 


I’ve learned the capabilities of my quad and my limits. I’ve definitely gotten a little faster. I’ve learned the race isn’t won at the start, but it can be lost. 


Doug Wallace
Doug Wallace digging deep at a Midwest XC race.

People always say that the XC community is a family. Do you have people at the races that you can get help from?


Most definitely. I’ve gotten very close with an entire family. My quad broke down the day of the last race of the season and my buddy let me run his quad. I was able to stay up in the points race in my class. If I’ve ever needed anything, there are always plenty of people scrambling to help out in anyway they can. 


Now that 2018 is here, what do your race plans look like?


I plan on racing all of the MWXC races and a couple other series. Definitely running the Ironman. 


What have you been doing this off-season to prepare for 2018?


Working on my cardio. I’m always trying to better my endurance with a little strength training mixed in.


We know you can’t have a great season without help, anyone you would like to thank?


 My daughters, Kaitlyn and Bailee, for cheering me on. The whole Worth Family, Brandy and Dink, Christy Motorsports, In the Blink of an Eye Photography, Wes Fruits, MWXC and of course XC Racing News for the opportunity to be in the spotlight.


Doug, like many racers, has a family, a job, and still finds a way to push himself to be better. It was great to talk to him about how much he enjoys the sport. If you find Doug in the pits, stop and say hi. Tell him XCRN sent you. Good luck this year Doug! We would also like to thank Penny Anglin of In The Blink Of An Eye Photography for getting us these great shots for this feature.


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