Briar McCullough-The Local Guys #48

Briar McCullough #317

Age: 15

Class: D Open

Bike: 2006 Honda CRF250R

Series: Crossroads Racing Series


Most 15 year old boys are worried about girls, school and getting a driver’s licence. Briar McCullough is focused on cross country racing. 2017 was a breakout year with 2nd in the 85cc class and 6th overall in youth. Now with his move to a big bike, Briar plans to tackle the Open D class with Crossroads Racing Series.


So how did you get into XC racing?

My uncle, Roy McCullough, brought me to my first one in 2016, and I was hooked from then on.


What kind of bike did you start with?

2009 Rm85


What bike are you on now?

2006 crf250r


So how old are you?



What do you do for fun when you’re not racing?

Ride dirt bikes around the yard and play basketball.


Did you start racing in 2016 when you got your first bike?

That was the first 2 stroke I got that year. I started on a pw50. I didn’t start XC until I got that Rm85.

briar local guys image
Briar navigate a tough rock section at a CRXC race.


So you get the RM85 from Uncle Roy, and race your first XC event. Where was it, and how did you do?

It was at Parsons Compound for Crossroads Racing Series. It was a muddy mess. Mud was halfway up my wheels. I didn’t really have my eye set on the prize to win since it was my first one. I think I got second to last, but I was just happy I finished my first XC race.


Is Crossroads your favorite series?

Yes. I’ve gotten really close to everyone that races there, and the owners of the series.


At 15, I have to ask, what’s harder, school or racing?

That’s a tough one. because I love racing, but probably school cause it’s more important.


The 2018 season starts in just a few weeks. What have you been doing this off season to get ready?

Mainly been working on the bike and getting some seat time and lifting a little bit.


If you could be any super hero, who would it be?

Probably have to say Flash. So I could be fast for once, ha ha lol.



You haven’t been XC racing for a long time. When you’re at the races, do you get help from other racers?

Yes. People have helped me there. Track officials and my dad.


What class will you be running this year?

Thinking I’m starting with D Open.


That’s a competitive class. What are your goals for 2018?

Staying consistent, sending it,  and try to stay consistent in top 7.


I like it. So I have seen the shirts, we shared it on our Facebook page, how is that going?

Last I seen we have sold 23 and trying to reach 50!


That is AWESOME. How does it feel to know that the XC community is there to help?

It’s an awesome feeling to know if I need something people are there from the racing community!


Do you watch the GNCC series?

Yes. I even raced the Ironman GNCC. I’m thinking about doing some in Ohio maybe this year too.


So I’m going to put you on the spot. Who do you think is going to win the GNCC title this year?

If Thad Duvall can keep his bad luck away, and get the points early, I think he could get it. But it’s probably going to be Kailub Russell! I really like them both though.


briar mccullough image 2

They are both so fast. That is the best response I have had to that question. Who is your pick for the SX title?

I really like Eli Tomac, but Roczen and Anderson are really going at it. Plus, Tomac hasn’t had the best luck this year. I really like Cole Seely, but Anderson is really impressive this year! So probably Anderson. I’d like to see Roczen get it his first year back!


I agree 100%. Fly or Fox?

Fly Racing always!


Out of all the tracks you have been to, which property or track is your favorite?

That’s a tough one. Probably have to say Lawrence County or Plymouth Blackhawk!


Most riders have a specific routine on race day. What does a race day look like for you?

Waking up, warming the bike up and waiting to hear 10 Secondssssssssss


So before we finish, who is helping you race this 2018 season?

Dreyer South Power Sports, Crossroads Racing Series, Mom and Dad, Y&S Designs, Rocket Ron Racing Suspension, Budget Boys, Team Misfits, Poor Boys, XC Gear, Rekluse, Hendrickson Painting and Construction, McCullough A Electric, Wizard Racing Engines and that’s all I can think of at the moment.


After talking to Briar, you just can’t help but smile. For only being 15, he shows more heart than most. We have posted a link to his Facebook page, One Hand Moto. Get on there, wish him luck and buy a shirt.


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