Bob West-The Local Guys #47

Bob West #513

Age: 52


Class: Super Senior A

Series: GNCC & IXCR


Everyone says that they want to be doing what they love when they get older. For some reason, life just gets in the way. For Bob West, when life gets rough at 52 years old, you just grab some more throttle. Bob took the time to tell us how he went from qualifying for Loretta Lynn’s, then hanging up the helmet, to winning the 2017 IXCR Championship in Super Senior B.


How about a little back story on how Bob West started racing?

I started when I was 4, riding mini bikes. When I was 6 or 7, got a Indian 70. Then up from there. I didn’t here about racing until I was 15 , when I got my license, I was able to race more.


When you started racing, was it all motocross, or did you try some XC also?

Moto for the first few years. Then I went to Stony Lonesome, and I really liked the woods. Still craved the handle bar to handle bar. I hit and missed the woods in ’88. I was trying to qualify for Loretta Lynn’s until I broke my leg, that was 88. I came back to moto untill ’91, then I hung up the helmet. I was without bike until late 2013, then I bought new bike in 2014. In 2015, I raced two series, Crossroads Racing Series and IXCR.  Finish 3rd in both that year. Last year I won championship for IXCR in Super Senior B.


So from 1991 until 2013 you didn’t race, what was the first race back like? Do you remember how you did?

Think me and Kyle hit up a buddy race. Then went to Badlands, we had about 8 inches of snow, and I won that one.


To finish 3rd in two different series had to feel good. Was there a big difference between the series?

Somewhat, Crossroads had a lot of moto.  IXCR was just woods.


What did you learn in that year, if anything, that helped you win the championship last year?

Just determination, and never give up. As the year went on, I got faster.


After the struggles when you were young, then hanging up the helmet, how did it feel to win that championship?

Really good. I had never won one before.


So, what are your plans for the 2018 race season?

I would like to race IXCR, and most of Midwest XC. Also want to race a few GNCC races.


What class will you be class will you be competing in?

Super Senior A


Have you been doing anything new this off season to prepare for the speed of A class?

Trying to get as much riding in, went to Durhamtown a couple weeks ago, and chased Kyle around.

Bob west local guys image
“Never give up.” Bob looks ahead while capturing the IXCR Championship in Super Senior B.


Speaking of that, some people may not know that Kyle is your son. Does it help having him at the races? Does it ever break your concentration to know that he is out on the track somewhere?

No, it pushes me. I don’t want him to pass me. Last year, he only raced a few races, but went to all of them for me. That is a big help. When he can let me know were I’m at in the race.


With the season starting soon, where will your first race be?

Badlands or Bloomfield


If you could pick any bike, what would you be riding this year?

Probably a 2018 350 XCF KTM.


Who is going to win the 2018 SX title?

Kinda wide open now. I’d like to see Marvin, Anderson, and Baggett fight it out.


What about the 2018 GNCC XC1 title?

Ricky Russell, Kailub Russell or Ryan Sipes.


We never like to end this feature without having you give the people helping you a plug. Who is helping you in 2018?

SPYKES, Mika, EKS, Dunlop, Twin Air, SM Photography, Countryside Pets and Acerbis.


Bob is another example of the great people at the local XC races. He has built a solid program for the 2018 season. With the help of his family, Bob is posed to be a threat at every race he runs. Thanks again Bob!


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