Anna Nicely-The Local Guys #46

Anna Nicely #806

Age: 11

Bike: 2016 DRR 90

Class: 90cc Limited ATV

Series: Midwest XC & GNCC


At only 11 years old, Anna Nicely has been able to do something most never can, FOCUS. With her ability to focus, Anna has been able to finish 3rd overall in the 90 Limited 8-12 ATV class with Midwest XC, be a honor student in 5th grade, and secure the needed sponsors to move to the next level. Anna took time out of her busy schedule to talk with us about how things are going.


So what got you into racing?

Well I’ve grown up being around it, my dad races and he got me hooked.


How old were you for your first race?

I was 7 but I have been riding since I was 3.


Do you remember how your first race went?

Yes!  It was MWXC Fallen Rock and I finished 6th.


Were you nervous?

Yes but honestly I get more nervous now.


Why do you think that is?

Well, I know what I’m getting myself into.  I had a few spills last season so I know what could happen.


Which do you think is harder, school or XC racing?

Well it depends! Fifth grade math is pretty tough but so is dodging trees!

anna nicely image local guys
Anna charges to an overall podium with MWXC.



So, you get 6th the first race you enter. That is a good first race. Now, you’re finishing 3rd in overall points. What have you learned to help you out with your racing?



I have learned to be patient, but somewhat aggressive. Moving to youth class was a huge eye opener for me, and it has definitely not come easily. I’ve learned problem solving and to overcome challenges.


What would you say is the best part of racing?

The challenge of each track.


What has been your favorite track or property that a track has been on?

Crawfordsville Ironman. I love this track because it’s a combination of national motorcross track and cross country.



What has been the hardest part of XC racing for you?

Weather conditions! The conditions of a track can change overnight and affect the way we ride!


As I was looking into your results, I cannot help but notice that every year you get better. What are your goals for 2018?

A championship in local series! Big plans for 2018, I have picked up new sponsors who are helping us run the GNCC schedule. I would love to finish with a top 5 in national series.


That is awesome! What class and bike will you be on for 2018?

I will be running 90 Limited on my 2016 DRR 90.


You mentioned sponsors earlier, who would you like to thank for helping you?

Scott goggle, Leatt, Amsoil, G-force, Podium Designs, D&A Drywall, Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance, BMW Constructors, D-Zign Salon, Trident-PDR


We are at the final question. I’m going to put you on the spot. How long do you think it will take before you can beat your dad?


Well, if he’s on his 450, no way.  Put him on a 90 and I’ll give him a run for his money!


Anna has big goals set for her future, and with the dedication she shows on and off the track, you better believe she will crush them. XCRN can’t wait to catch up with her mid-season to see how she is doing.


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